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Public Affairs

At JPM&M, we offer a unique and multi-faceted approach to public affairs campaigns.
Combining the cutting edge methods in message development and targeting, with powerful creative, persuasive media products, and time tested grassroots community organizing tactics – JPM&M has managed over one hundred successful campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, the health care industry, Indian gaming, non-profits, foundations, and labor unions. Our team’s unique blend of skills and experience in number of disciplines allows JPM&M to offer our clients a wide range of services and integrated campaign strategies that get results.


Issue Advocacy

JPM&M, Inc. specializes in providing strategic counsel and full-service project management services for high stakes public affairs and issue advocacy campaigns. Our senior team members have a combined 40 years of experience spearheading successful public affairs and issue advocacy campaigns from Los Angeles to New York.

Message Development & Research

Every winning strategy is rooted in qualitative and quantitative research. Utilizing carefully tailored public opinion research tools, focus group data, statistical modeling, and real time performance analysis, we take an analytical and data driven approach from start to finish – and provide comprehensive client reporting every step of the way.

Coalition Building & Grassroots

JPM&M believes that authentic grassroots coalitions designed to move individuals to action can be the most impactful and decisive weapon in any public affairs campaign. We understand that the old-school approach of simply getting support to put names on a list is passive, and passé. In fact, often times the old-school approach backfires because policy makers, reporters, and the public are too cynical and too smart to fall for it. JPM&M develops organic, authentic grassroots advocacy programs that move public opinion and move public policy.

Digital Media

We develop and execute innovative digital media campaigns that utilize the latest tools and technology in social media, online advertising, and targeting to shape opinion and deliver quantifiable results. Our senior staff and New Media Director have worked on a broad range of ever-evolving digital media projects all rooted in a core strategic approach that makes our grassroots organizing and paid communications programs so successful

Direct Mail

Smart, powerful, and compelling direct mail can have a huge impact on the outcome in public affairs campaigns, especially when it complements grassroots and legislative advocacy efforts. JPM&M has successfully crafted direct mail programs that have built support – or opposition, among targeted constituency groups, cities and counties, and statewide for clients on important policy issues for a wide range of industries including health care, energy, gaming, public safety, water and natural resources, as well as corporate and labor union campaigns.